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Nikon EclipseTi2 microscope

The Institute of Medical Psychology, Merrow team, has a high-performance light microscope that is suitable for time-lapse studies under highly controlled conditions: the stage is temperature controlled, can run temperature cycles, and can control CO2 levels. The specifications of the machine are:

TI2-CTRE Kontrolleinheit für TI2-E, TI2-T-BA Zwischentubus Assist Cam, Filters, Lampen, Objektiven, Kabel, TI2-S-SE-E Motortisch mit Linearencodern und Joystick, Perfect Focus System, Lumencor-Spectra X, Stage-Top-Inkubator, iKon-M 934 Kamera, Gekühlter Kamerakopf Mono DS-Qi2, PC System und Software NIS-ELEMENTS AR, Vibration Isolation Table

To reserve time on the microscope, please contact S. Ballenweg: