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Teaching Innovation Award for Prof. Dr. medical Baerbel Otto and Alexander Benz

For their joint project with colleagues from the Faculty of Biology, Prof. Dr. medical Bärbel Otto and Mr. Alexander Benz (Medical Faculty) were awarded one of the five teaching innovation prizes of the LMU. Find out more (German language)

Postdoc Position in Proteomics of Sleep

A postdoc position is currently available in the research group of Maria Robles, Systems Chronobiology, in LMU Munich, Germany. The position is associated with an SNSF-funded SINERGIA collaborative project together with the Adamantidis laboratory. This multidisciplinary project aims to identify molecular markers of brain activity during sleep using a range of neurophysiological techniques (Adamantidis) and mass spectrometry (MS)- based quantitative proteomics (Robles) (see doi:10.1126/science.aav2642; doi:10.1126/science.aav3617). Find out more

Congratulations to Stella Koutsouli for successfully passing her PhD defense. First student in the group to graduate from LMU Medical Faculty