Institute of Medical Psychology

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Team Members

Photo Surname, First name Position
Fatih Aygenli Aygenli, Fatih PhD Student
Susanne Ballenweg Ballenweg, Susanne Assistant to the Chair
Tanja Bange Bange, Tanja Principal investigator - N-terminal processing and degradation
Astrid Bauer Bauer, Astrid Technical Assistant
Benz, Alexander Teaching
Besedovsky, Luciana
Borbala Blaskovich Blaskovich, Borbála
Bless, Josef Postdoctoral Fellow
Petra Carl Carl, Petra Teaching
Borja Ferrero Bordera Ferrero Bordera, Borja Post Doctoral Fellow
Evgeny Gutyrchik Gutyrchik, Evgeny Research Fellow
Lukas Huschet Huschet, Lukas PhD Student
Klausner, Helmut Technician System Administrator
Fabian Kliem Kliem, Fabian PhD Doctoral Student
nicolas lutz Lutz, Nicolas Postdoctoral Fellow
Martinez Albert, Estefania PhD Student
Karin Meissner Meissner, Karin Project Leader Placebo Research
Martha Merrow i.R. Merrow, Martha Project Leader "Chronobiology"
michaela ott Ott, Michaela Postdoctoral Fellow
Popp, Tanja Lab Technician
Ernst Pöppel i.R. Pöppel, Ernst Project leader "Brain Time"
Inês M.A. Ribeiro, PhD Ribeiro, Inês M.A. Guest Scientist
Andrea Ribeiro Ribeiro, Andrea Postdoctoral Researcher
maria robles Robles, Maria Acting Chair, Head Systems Chronobiology
Till Roenneberg i.R. Roenneberg, Till Head of Human Chronobiology
Ruhnau, Eva Scientific Director of the Human Science Center of LMU
francesca sartor Sartor, Francesca Post Doctoral Fellow
Sonia Viteri Viteri, Sonia Conference Management
Maria Voronkov Voronkov, Maria Postdoctoral Fellow
Dongxue Zhang Zhang, Dongxue Team Member
Chen Zhao Zhao, Chen Team Member

Guest Researchers

Photo Surname, First name Position
Elizaveta Baranova-Parfenova Baranova-Parfenova, Elizaveta Guest Researcher
Kai Fehse Fehse, Kai Research Fellow
Liya Yu Liya, Yu Guest Researcher (Non-resident science fellow) Adjunct Faculty at International College of Innovation (ICI), National Chengchi University Taiwan
Franziska Mueller Mueller, Franziska MPI of Molecular Physiology
Matteo Sesia Sesia, Matteo Guest Scientist
Fabian Simmank Simmank, Fabian Research Fellow
Chen Zhao Zhao, Chen Doctoral Student

Medical Students

Photo Surname, First name Position
Thomas Carey Carey, Thomas Doctoral Student
Yu Gu Gu, Yu Doctoral Student
Robert Huang Huang, Robert Medical Student
Hütz, Ronja Medical Student
iris köller Köller, Iris Medical Student
Nora Kremer Kremer, Nora Medical Student
Alexandra Morozova Morozova, Alexandra Dr. med. student
Hang Nguyen Nguyen, Hang Student Intern
Peter, Joachim Doctoral Student
Tanja Schwarzmeier Schwarzmeier, Tanja Ärztin
Maria Theresia Singer Singer, Maria Theresia Medical Student
Stroppe, Sabine Doctoral Student

Guest Professors

Photo Surname, First name Position
Yan Bao Bao, Yan visting scientist
Han, KyungHun Guest Professor
Hans Strasburger Strasburger, Hans Perception Research