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Placebo Research-Meissner Lab


Prof. Dr. med.habil. Karin Meissner







 How does the psychosocial context of medical interventions affect health and disease? To which extent can expectations, suggestions and learning processes influence bodily processes? And which role play bodily signals for our feelings and cognitions? The Placebo Reserach Lab at the IMP tries to understand the communication between mind, brain and body by using different methodological approaches, spanning from psychophysiological and neuroimaging techniques to meta-analyses and surveys.




 - Psychophysiological techniques (including EGG, ECG, GSR, EEG)

- Imaging techniques (fMRI, PET)

- Systematic reviews and meta-analyses (including network-meta-analyses)

- Surveys (qualitative and quantitative approaches)




- Simone Otten, Dipl.-Biol., Ärztin

- Raluca Flondor, Dipl.-Psych.

- Veronika Hansel, Ärztin

- Anna Limmer, Ärztin

- Kerstin Remus, Ärztin

- Eva Schötz, Ärztin

- Anna-Maria Kelm, Ärztin

- Christine Eggers, Dipl. Sozpäd., Ärztin

- Anja Haile, M.Sc.

- Verena Hoffmann, M.Sc.

- Franziska Stahlberg, cand. med.

- Sabine Stroppe, cand. med.

- Nicola Talsky, Ärztin

- Elisabeth Olliges, M.Sc.

- Simone Aichner, Ärztin

- Than Lan Lam, Ärztin

- Carmen Jacob, cand. med.

- Marina Lanz, cand. med.

- Timo Schmitz, Arzt