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Chronogenetics (humans)

Scientific profile

Sleep is an active and complex behaviour yet it has two straightforward properties – timing and duration. They are influenced by two physiological mechanisms: a homeostatic (how long have we been awake) and a circadian process (timing of sleep). We investigate the genetic basis of these mechanisms using high-through-put genomic approaches for population based association studies. For this purpose, we assess the distribution of sleep timing and duration in human populations worldwide (see location of collaborating groups below – yellow circles).


Current projects:

  • Genome-wide association studies on the sleep and circadian phenotypes
  • Latitudinal influence on the worldwide distribution of chronotype
  • German Extreme Chronotypes (
  • Cronotipo - Brazil (
  • Epidemiology and genetics of the circadian phenotype on a population from the Southern region of Brazil

Project leader: Dr. Karla Viviani Allebrandt

Recent publications:

Allebrandt, K.V.; Amin, N.; Müller-Myhsok, B.; Esko, T.; Teder-Laving, M.; Azevedo, R.V.D.M.; Hayward, C.; van Mill, J; Vogelzangs, N.; Green, E.W; Melville, S.A.; Lichtner, P.; Wichmann, E.; Oostra, B.A.; Janssens, A.C.J.W.; Campbell, H.; Wilson, J.F.; Hicks, A.A.; Pramstaller, P.P.; Dogas, Z.; Rudan, I.; Merrow, M.; Penninx, B.; Kyriacou, C.P.; Metspalu, A.; van Duijn, C.M.; Meitinger, T. and Roenneberg, T. A KATP channel gene effect on sleep duration: from genome wide association studies to function in Drosophila. Mol Psychiatry, 2011 Dec 11  [Epub ahead of print].

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