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Current positions:

Systems Chronobiology - Robles Lab:

PhD Position in Systems Chronobiology, Institute of Medical Psychology, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich

A PhD position is currently available in the laboratory of Maria Robles, Systems Chronobiology, at the LMU Munich, Germany. The Robles group employs mass spectrometry based quantitative proteomics to study the circadian clock, the biological pacemaker that regulates physiology and behavior. We utilize state of the art quantitative proteomic methods to characterize daily rhythms of protein abundance, post-translational modification and protein-protein interactions in different cellular and in vivo models. We complement our proteomics methods with a broad range of genomic, molecular and cell biology techniques.

We seek:

We are looking for independent and motivated doctorate students interested in a multidisciplinary approach to study circadian function as well as metabolic, and behavioral disorders associated with circadian asynchrony. Applicants should have experience with mammalian cell culture, routine molecular and cell biology. Proteomics and bioinformatics expertise is an advantage, but certainly not required.

We offer:

Funded 3-year position with a salary of 65% of TV-L 13.
• Cutting edge research project at the interface proteomics and chronobiology
• International networking and exchange opportunities
• The opportunity to become a student in the International PhD program IMPRS for Molecular Life Sciences (
• Close mentorship
• Excellent scientific environment in one of the top-ranked universities in Germany.
To apply:
Please send, before June 30, 2018, a detailed CV, a cover letter with motivation and goals and contact information of 2-3 referees to:
Maria Robles (


 Post Doctoral Position in Molecular Chronobiology - Merrow Lab


The research group of Prof. Martha Merrow offers a Post Doctoral position in the Institute of Medical Psychology, LMU Munich in Germany. The candidate will carry out research relevant to the groups themes (see below) in addition to engaging in a full program of professional development opportunities. This includes coaching (bachelors, masters and medical students in their projects) and teaching (medical psychology to medical students in their first and second years of education). We encourage the scientist to additionally take advantage of the many courses offered by the University to aid young academics in building their careers.

The successful candidate will be joining a collaborative, communicative team working in an environment with extensive resources for chronobiology research. Our Institute is in the city center, just steps from the main train station and the site of the Oktoberfest.

Our Research
We study the molecular basis of the circadian clock. Our focus is on properties and mechanisms of entrainment to zeitgeber cycles. Specific research projects that are ongoing include:
• how the circadian clock regulates G protein coupled receptor signaling through entrainment and how this impacts signaling strength over the day
• how zeitgeber cycles change the progression of protein aggregate formation in models of neurodegeneration or cellular senescence
• defining circadian properties in cell-based systems, from tissue culture cells to non-photosynthetic bacteria
• how zeitgeber cycles impact communities of microbiota
• the circadian clock in C. elegans
We mainly use cell-based systems (tissue culture, N. crassa, yeast and bacteria) and C. elegans.

Your Qualifications:

PhD in molecular biology, biochemistry, biology, biotechnology, chronobiology or relevant field
Demonstrated ability to work in an interdisciplinary team
Fluent written and spoken English
Fluent written and spoken German (or the motivation to learn it rapidly for teaching)

The University of Munich is an equal opportunity employer. Handicapped candidates with equal qualifications will be given preference.

Schwerbehinderte Bewerber / Bewerberinnen werden bei ansonsten im Wesentlichen gleicher Eignung bevorzugt.

Weitere Informationen

we are offering 100% E 13-TV-L for 2 years with the possibilty to prolong, starting October 1, 2018.
Application Materials:

• Letter of motivation
• CV
• Example of your writing /