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giulia zerbini

Giulia Zerbini, PhD.

Teaching and Research Assistant


Goethestr. 31
D-80336 Munich

Phone: +4989218075647

Work group

Molecular Chronobiology and Teaching

Scientific Interests:

I am interested in the effects of sleep, chronotype and time of day on (school, working, physical, cognitive) performance; challenges offered by modern society (school and working hours, artificial light pollution, jet lag) on the human biological clock; interplay between psychology, sleep, chronobiology and sport in relation to performance and health. My work so far has focused on the influence of chronotype and time of day on school performance and on developing strategies (light interventions) to decrease social jetlag (the mismatch between the circadian and social clocks).


Zerbini G, Kantermann T and Merrow M
Strategies to decrease social jetlag: Reducing evening blue light advances sleep and melatonin. Eur J Neurosci. 1–12 (2018).

Zerbini, G. and Merrow M. Time to learn: How chronotype impacts education. Psych Journal. Early online. (2017).

Zerbini, G., van der Vinne, V., Otto, L.K.M., Kantermann, T. Krijnen, W.P., Roenneberg, T., & Merrow, M. Lower school performance in late chronotypes: underlying factors and mechanisms. Sci Rep, 7:1-10 (2017).

van der Vinne, V., Zerbini, G., Siersema, A., Pieper, A., Merrow, M., Hut, R.A., Roenneberg, T., & Kantermann, T. Timing of examinations affects school performance differently in early and late chronotypes. J Biol Rhythm 30(1), 53-60 (2015).