Institute of Medical Psychology

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Former Members

Surname, First name Title Position Phone
Allebrandt, Karla Viviani Dr. rer. nat.  Project Leader Epidemiology and genetics of the sleep and circadian phenotypes in humans (see projects). 0049-(0)89-2180-75654
Bosman, Jasper Dr. Ing. 
Diegmann, Julia Dr. rer. nat.  Former Postdoc 0049-(0)89-2180-75624
Fischer, Dorothee Dipl. Psych.  Ph.D. Student +49(89)218075656
Friedl, Marc Student Assistant 0049-(0)89-2180-75654
Hoffmann, Gesa Former student assistant EUCLOCK Projekt 0049-(0)89-2180-75239
Juda, Myriam B.A.; M.Sc. Psychology Former PhD student Former member CLOCKWORK Projekt 0049-(0)89-2180-75638
Kantermann, Susanne Dipl.-Geogr.  EUCLOCK project manager 0049-(0)89-2180-75239
Kantermann, Thomas Dr. rer. nat.  Former Postdoc CLOCKWORK Projekt 0049-(0)89-2180-75644
Levandovski, Rosa M.Sc.  Former Guest PhD Student 0049-(0)89-2180-75654
Maierhofer, Christine Dipl.-Ing.  Diploma Student 0049-(0)89-2180-75640
Mehlmann, Joana B.Sc. M.A.  Ph.D. Student +49(89)218075656
Meny, Ildiko Physician Former CLOCKWORK project manager 0049-(0)89-2180-75239
Morelatto de Souza, Camila M.Sc. Psychiatry  Guest doctoral student - Medical Faculty (UFRG Brazil) 0049-(0)89-2180-75654
Park, Mona Cand.-Psych.  Diploma Student 0049-(0)89-2180-75640
Radic, Tanja M.Sc. Biology PhD student 0049-(0)89-2180-75645
Raven, Margien Dr. 
Rentschler, Ingo Prof. Dr.  Emeritus 0049-(0)89-2180-75641
Stoyanov, Svilen  Doctoral Student – Dentistry Faculty 0049-(0)89-2180-75654
Su, Yi-Huang Dr.  0049-(0)89-2180-75640
Vetter, Céline Dr.phil. (Psychology) 0049-(0)89-2180-75638