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careebrs chronobiology and covid 19

The European Biological Rhythms Society is hosting a popup workshop to address how chronobiology is relevant to the current pandemic caused by SARS-CoV2. Many in our field have already taken advantage of the various lockdown protocols to study the timing of sleep. This workshop will focus on the biology of infection and how biological rhythms might mitigate or exacerbate this.
The workshop will be entirely virtual and will start at 14:00 CEST on Thursday, the 9th of July. What can you expect? A discussion forum with diverse experts. Questions from you and from the EBRS Board. Our goal is to share knowledge as to how our research may contribute to mitigation efforts. If you have been wondering how, as a chronobiologist, you can take part in solving the problem of our time, this might be for you!
Signed, Martha Merrow in the name of the entire EBRS Board of Directors (
If you would like to join this workshop, you may do so here:

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